Saving By Design (Commercial)

Melanie plays a fashion design student under the tutelage of Tim Gunn himself in this Project Runway-inspired commercial for Dish Network!

Keeping It Real With Rodents

Live performance at The PIT, NYC

Everything I include in this performance--including the picture--is 100% taken directly from real internet comments, as specified in the video. But you don't have to take my word for it.

On-Camera Host Reel

A compilation of clips featuring Melanie as the host, including an Onion-style news satire clip (0:02), a Korean-language English teaching clip (0:29), and a kids' show clip (0:57).


Commercial VO demo

Vampire Diaries promo

Character VO demo

Animation & Games

Visual character reel

A sampler of some of the characters Melanie's played in animation and video games!

Ladies versus Butlers!

Featuring Melanie as Kaede Tenjouji

Melanie plays crazy school chancellor Kaede Tenjouji in the wacky anime series Ladies versus Butlers, now available for streaming on Crunchyroll! Check out a preview of Melanie's work in the series above.


Featuring Melanie as Vella

Melanie voices Vella Wilde, the lead female protagonist in the highly-anticipated indie RPG YIIK, which has been featured on Kotaku, PCGamer, Engadget, IGN, and Sony's official Playstation blog. YIIK is a colorful 3D Japanese-inspired RPG set in the 1990s, about eight strangers, a mysterious woman who vanishes in an elevator, and weaponized Panda plushies. YIIK is scheduled for release on PC, Mac, Linuz, PS4, PS Vita, and Wii U in late 2015.

Dating Sim

Featuring Melanie as "she"

A collaboration with NYC animator M.W Leitzel (Oponok) for, this animation simulates a dating simulator (a dating sim sim?) and offers a bittersweet, yet hopeful, commentary on relationships.

Best Of Gaming 2015

Featuring Melanie as the P.T. Cat

This starts out as a list of the best games of 2015, and then it...gets weird. Collaboration with NYC animator M.W Leitzel (Oponok) for I come in around two minutes in.

Call of Duty Black Ops III Mobile Edition (Parody)

Featuring Melanie as the female narrator

A collaboration with NYC animator M.W Leitzel (Oponok) for, this animation explores what happens when mobile gaming takes things a bit too far...


English Teaching Program (Korean w/English subtitles)

Featuring Melanie as the host

Clip from an English teaching program for native Korean speakers, in which Melanie is the Korean-speaking host of the program.

Drawing Lines (English/Korean)

Short film featuring Melanie as Rebecca

Clip from the short film Drawing Lines, featuring Melanie as a customer who surprises a jaded liquor store worker by speaking Korean to him.


Live traditional Korean percussion performance

A clip from Melanie's performance of "Youngnam Karak" as the featured samulnori (traditional Korean percussion) player as part of the Union Square Park 2014 Buddha's Birthday Celebration. The hourglass-shaped drum Melanie is playing is called a janggoo.

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