Acting Reel

A compilation of clips featuring Melanie's work in The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018 Sundance Grand Jury Award winner/NYT Critic's Pick/2019 GLAAD Award nominee), Netflix's The OA (1:30), Alexander Payne's Downsizing (2:20), Melanie speaking Korean (1:48), and more.

Saving By Design (Commercial)

Melanie plays a fashion design student under the tutelage of Tim Gunn in this Project Runway-inspired commercial for Dish Network.

Keeping It Real With Rodents (Live)

Live performance at The PIT, NYC. Everything included in this performance--including the picture--is 100% taken directly from real internet comments, as specified in the video. But you don't have to take my word for it.

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Animation & Video Games Character Reel

A compilation of some of the characters Melanie's played in animation and video games, including a singing bison in Disney Junior's P. King Duckling, musical prodigy Vella Wilde in unique RPG YIIK, a loving orc wife in Adult Swim Games' Battle Chef Brigade, and more.


Highly-anticipated RPG YIIK, starring Melanie as lead female protagonist Vella Wilde, is out NOW on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam! Melanie's work as Vella has been widely praised in reviews:

"The snarky a consistently standout performance." (RPGFan)

"...and cool, weary Vella (Melanie Ehrlich) stand out as characters who balance the story’s stranger moments with the verisimilitude of their lines." (RPGamer)

"I liked Vella Wilde–a bass playing prodigy who can manipulate sound to hurt her enemies–the most out of the bunch. From the voice acting to how she is written, she is the most compelling and likable character in YIIK’s cast. The rest of your gang are all likable but they don’t stand out as Vella does." (DualShockers)

Commercial VO demo

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English Teaching Program (Korean w/English subtitles)

Featuring Melanie as the host

Clip from an English teaching program for native Korean speakers, in which Melanie is the Korean-speaking host of the program.

Drawing Lines (English/Korean)

Short film featuring Melanie as Rebecca

Clip from the short film Drawing Lines, featuring Melanie as a customer who surprises a jaded liquor store worker by speaking Korean to him.


Live traditional Korean percussion performance

A clip from Melanie's performance of "Youngnam Karak" as the featured samulnori (traditional Korean percussion) player as part of the annual Union Square Park Buddha's Birthday Celebration. The hourglass-shaped drum Melanie is playing is called a janggoo.

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