The Miseducation Of Cameron Post nominated for 2019 GLAAD Award for Outstanding Film - Limited Release

The Miseducation Of Cameron Post, featuring Melanie as Helen, has been nominated for the 2019 GLAAD Award for Outstanding Film - Limited Release!
Now out on streaming/download platforms (Amazon link) and DVD/Blu-Ray, Cameron Post, a NYT Critic's Pick, won the Grand Jury Award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

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YIIK, starring Melanie as Vella Wilde, out NOW on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC!

Highly-anticipated RPG YIIK, starring Melanie as lead female protagonist Vella Wilde, is out NOW on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam! Melanie's work as Vella has been widely praised in reviews:

"The snarky a consistently standout performance." (RPGFan)

"...and cool, weary Vella (Melanie Ehrlich) stand out as characters who balance the story’s stranger moments with the verisimilitude of their lines." (RPGamer)

"I liked Vella Wilde–a bass playing prodigy who can manipulate sound to hurt her enemies–the most out of the bunch. From the voice acting to how she is written, she is the most compelling and likable character in YIIK’s cast. The rest of your gang are all likable but they don’t stand out as Vella does." (DualShockers)

Battle Chef Brigade now out for Nintendo Switch and Steam, in Best Buy Feb. 15th

Melanie voices the no-nonsense Razel, affectionate Ardea, and other endearing characters in Adult Swim Games' Battle Chef Brigade, out now for Nintendo Switch and Steam and, thanks to Limited Run Games, available at Best Buy on February 15th!